Monday, 6 October 2014

Sdkfz 251s

A few GHQ half tracks I have painted recently. I'm basing all my 6mm models now - I used to leave the vehicles loose, but I am increasingly liking the look of mini-dioramas on 1" square metal bases. They give the models a nice heft, and they remind us that, except in 1:1 skirmish, the models represent a number of actual vehicles or men spread over an area of land. For the Sdkfz 251/1s I have added a few infantry figures in and around the half tracks to represent Panzergrenadiers. For anti-tank units, as with the third pic here, I tend to add a bit more clutter to indicate the unit hiding or stalking its prey.


  1. Hey John,

    These look really good. Who makes the infantry figures?

  2. Those are GHQ, the same as the vehicles. G144, German Infantry, to be precise. You have to remove the bases to avoid them looking as though they are standing on concrete blocks, which can be fiddly, and for the ones in the vehicles I often cut off their lower legs to get them to fit low enough inside. GHQ do a set of "Panzergrenadiers" who are supposed to be moulded to fit inside the half tracks as passengers, but to be honest the moulding is not good, so I do the extra work to use individual figures, both inside and alongside the half tracks.