Rule Sets

I thought it would be a nice idea to collect a list of all the rule sets I own, whether I have played them or not - quite a long list, though no doubt others have more. I've categorised them very roughly into periods and genres.

Ancients Rules 3rd Edition                            WRG 1971
Ancients Rules 6th Edition                            WRG 1980
Ancients Rules 7th Edition                            WRG 1986
DBA v1                                                          WRG 1990
DBA v1.1                                                       WRG 1995
DBM v2.0                                                      WRG 1997
DBM v3.0                                                      WRG 2000
DBMM                                                           WRG 2007
DBR v1.1                                                       WRG 1997
Armati 2nd Edition                                         2003
Hail Caesar                                                    2011 (signed by Rick Priestley !!)
Shock of Impact                                             1981
Rameses to Constantine                                Bailey & Mollan 1988
Fast Play rules                                                Newbury 1985
Warfare through the Ages 3000BC-1700AD   Newbury 1983
Arcane Warfare                                               ~2005
Skjaldborg                                                       Shieldwall Games 2000
Vis Bellica                                                       Robert Avery 2002
Let the Dominos Decide                                 Society of Ancients 2004
Lytel Gupan                                                    SoA 1999
De Matrica Bellae                                           SoA
Rudis                                                              Ian Beck 1980
Warmaster Ancients                                       Warhammer Historical 2005
Tactica                                                            1992
Ancient Rules Box                                          Irregular 1989

19th Century
Two Hundred Years (5mm rules 1700-1900) Tabletop Games 1988
Soldiers of the Queen 1879-1900                  Tabletop Games 1987
The 1879 Zulu War                                        Tabletop Games 1982
Yellow Ribbon                                                Greg Novak 1989
Battles for Empire 1870-1902                        Chris Leach 1999
The Colonial Wars                                          Newbury Rules 1978
Indian Mutiny Skirmish Rules                         Hall & Needham 1988
A Good Day to Die                                         Chris Peers 2002
Regimental Fire and Fury                               Rich Hasenauer 2010
Gunfighters, Gamblers and Villains of the Old West   Aldo Ltd 1994
Legends of the Old West                                Warhammer Historical 2004
Dead Man's Hand                                           Great Escape Games 2013
Six Gun Sound                                                Two Hour Wargames 2006

Inter War
A World Aflame                                               Osprey 2012
Went the Day Well? (AVBCW)                        Solway 2012

War Games Rules  1925-1950                         WRG 1988
War Games Rules Armour & Infantry 1925-50 WRG 1973
War Games Rules Infantry Action 1925-50      WRG 1972
Modern Rules                                                   ZM Iwasko 1967
Combined Arms                                               Tabletop Games 1983
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright                                Partizan Press 1990
Firefly                                                                Tabletop Games 1987
Battlegroup Core Rules                                    Iron Fist 2013
Crossfire                                                           Arty Conliffe 1996
Panzer Marsch                                                 Hull Wargames Club 1999
I Ain't Been Shot Mum!                                     Too Fat Lardies
Chain of Command                                           Too Fat Lardies 2013
Hail of Fire                                                         Brandon Fraley 2014
Rate of Fire                                                       Crusader 2009
Tigers at Minsk                                                  2014
Mein Panzer                                                      ODGW
Blitzkrieg Commander                                       Wargames Directory 2004
Rapid Fire                                                          Rumford & Marsh 2005
Battlefront WWII                                                Fire & Fury 2000
Panzer Grenadier Deluxe                                  Partizan Press 2014
Spearhead                                                         Arty Conliffe 1995
WWII Micro Armour (2nd Edition)                      GHQ 2013
WWII Micro Armour (1st  Edition)                      GHQ 2001
WWII Micro Squad (2nd Edition)                       GHQ 2013
WWII Micro Squad (1st  Edition)                        GHQ 2001
High Command                                                  Accademia Wargame 2006
Panzer War                                                        Steven Lorenz 2007
UsemE World War Two                             2011
Tank Charts                                                        GHQ 1987
Micro Armor Tanks                                              GHQ 2002
Micro Melee                                                        Britton Publishers 2013
Bolt Action                                                           Osprey 2012
Tactical Commander                                           Tabletop Games 1982
Point Blank (Disposable Heroes)                         Keith Stine 2011
Company Commander                                        John Leahy
Brigadier General                                                Bat Cave Miniatures 2013
Weltkrieg                                                              Legionnaire Games 2013
Panzer Korps                                                       Hoplite Research 2008
Flames of War (2nd Edition)                                Battlefront 2006
Flames of War (3rd Edition)                                 Battlefront 2011

Ambush Alley                                                       Ambush Alley Games 2009
Fire Fight                                                              Tabletop Games 1985
At Close Quarters                                                 HLBS 2000
AK47                                                                     RFCM 1997
A Fistful of TOWs 2                                               Ty Beard 2002

General Quarters 1 & 2                                          Navwar 1977
WW2 Coastal Warfare Rules                                 Navwar 1975
Action Stations Coastal Forces 1914-1953            A&A Games 2003
Last Sea Battles WW1                                           Leicester Micromodels
Fire When Ready                                                   A&A Games 2000
Napoleonic Naval Rules                                         Navwar 1975
Action Under Sail 1756-1815                                 Tabletop Games 1984
Signal for Close Action                                           Langton Miniatures 1990
Naval Wargames 1000BC-500AD                          WRG 1973

The Necromancer's Bane                                      Brigade Games 1988
Gridiron Heroes                                                     Tabletop Games 1987
Laserburn                                                              Tabletop Games 1980
Pulp Alley                                                               Phipps & Daughter 2013
Pz8 (Various rules)                                                 Panzer8 2012

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