Sunday, 25 June 2017

Union Command

The next stage of the incremental painting of my ACW 6mm troops was another Union Regiment, and the Union Command figures. Since I painted my first Union unit I have acquired some of the Foundry three-shade system colours for this period - specifically Union Blue and Union Trouser Blue. I used these on all the figures here - the command elements are mounted so I can use a bit more variation in the horses.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Confederate Command

This is the Baccus Confederate Command group - 12 figures on four sprues, three of them carrying flags (guidons). As always they painted up nicely, and indeed having photographed them, I have noticed several bits where I can add further detail, though it probably won't be noticeable in normal use. I put them on various sized coins, in groups of one, two or three figures, which I will use to denote different levels of command. The flags are by Baccus - State flags of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.