Wednesday, 22 October 2014

German Anti-Tank stuff

I've just finished a number of bases of German Infantry, all arising from a pack of late war light Anti-tank weapons from GHQ (pack G511). First I made four bases of Panzerschrecks and four of Panzerfausts - in each case one or two weapons teams per base.

Also in the pack there are three 28mm Panzer Busche A/T guns

  And five 88mm "Puppchen" A/T weapons
I still had plenty of Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck teams, so I mixed them in with some spare German infantry figures to make six bases of Late War Infantry - although to be honest I'm not that fussy, if I need lots of infantry for a Blitzkrieg scenario these guys are likely to find themselves drafted.

All these troops are based to my current normal standard, on 1" square steel bases, about 1mm thick - I get them from Precision Wargames Supplies for about 20p apiece. They are "landscaped" with Basetex paint (a sand/acrylic mix) and then I add bits of flock and other scenic items. I try to add more clutter to units like anti-tanks guns and tank hunters who would be trying to ambush or stalk their prey. The metal bases and the Basetex paint give a nice heft and feel to these small models. I think.
So overall I got 22 bases from one GHQ pack (£7) plus some spare figures - good value in my view. GHQ are expensive compared with others such as H&R, but for me the difference really doesn't matter, when you consider (1) how much work you put into each pack in painting and basing, and (2) how much use you'll get out of them. The cost of five daily papers (if you read the Telegraph or the Independent) seems very good value in that light.

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