Monday, 27 October 2014

New stuff - Flak and bridging tanks

I have been nibbling away at the pile of unpainted GHQ stuff. Often I am painting up the main fighting troops for a particular force or battle, but in the last few days I have been tidying around the edges with some units that usually tag along at the rear of the battalion, only coming into their own when the moment arrives. The first is a set of three Sdkfz 7/1 Quad 20mm Flak (GHQ Pack G-95).

And the other new items are two Churchill Bridgelayers (GHQ UK-85)

As always with GHQ, very nice models which take a paint job well. Most of the paints are Lifecolor - base coats airbrushed on and the rest with a brush - some of the detail colours are Coat D'Arms, Foundry or Vallejo - I have a fair collection by now and I grab whatever colour looks good for the little bits. Based as usual on 1" square metal, with Bastex paint to give a bit of landscaping.

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