Saturday, 6 December 2014

On Yer Bike

A slight departure from the norm for me, these are Heroics and Ros figures, for the simple reason that I needed some bicycle recon companies in 6mm and GHQ don't do any bicycle troops at all. H&R do have a wider range than GHQ, so sometimes an esoteric requirement drives me into their arms, and in fact the difference in quality is probably less apparent with figures than with vehicles. H&R also do much smaller quantities if needed, so four strips of three cyclists cost me £1-60. Sadly, by the time I had ordered, received, painted and based them, the battle for which I wanted them had ended (see my AAR of Operation Constellation) but they will come in handy next time. Based as usual on 1" square steel bases, and I stretched them over three bases in case I need a bicycle battalion, three companies, in the Panzer Korps rules.

Painting these made me wonder why there are not more examples of the use of bicycles, because they would seem to have a lot of advantages - much faster than foot movement - much cheaper than vehicles, and also more flexible and stealthy. But apart from the Japanese in Malaysia, there doesn't seem to have been much mass use. Was it because they were actually quite expensive, at one per solider, or were they awkward in battle situations, having to go back and get them after the fight was over? Or maybe soldiers just didn't look cool, pedaling off to war.

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