Monday, 29 December 2014

Apache Dawn

As promised I had a go at a few little fights with Six Gun Sound, and enjoyed them. They are from Two Hour Wargames, and share an initiative system with a lot of their titles - perhaps the best-known being NUTS. This means that when someone comes into sight, the sighter has a "Got a Shot" initative roll, and he may fire, or the moving figure may fire first - they exchange shots until one is hit or steps back, then the move continues. A different take, and I like the feel of it for gunfights - some details were obscure but after discussions on the THW forum I downloaded their (free) Chain Reaction 3.1 rules. These have an updated version of the reaction system which clarifies it well.

Six Gun Sound has a career campaign mode, and I started on with a Gunfighter character. The very first encounter I rolled, he is escorting some wagons when Indians attack. After Salute I bought various western figures, including a pack of Apaches from Foundry - and guess which pack I have not yet painted. So the campaign was on hold until I could give the Indians their warpaint. Also, over Christmas I got a couple of 4Ground kits - a Stagecoach and a building. I built the stagecoach, though the ambush is of dull wagons, but it's quite a nice kit. No driver or passengers yet, but Dixon have an order right now to fill that gap.

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