Sunday, 23 November 2014

More Khaki

Just a bit more off the top of the lead pile - a pack of M5A1 Half Tracks (GHQ UK-33) and two packs of 5.5" howitzers, with the distinctive Matador prime movers - that's UK-66. On the half tracks I used some clutter from the detail pack that GHQ do for these vehicles (actually the pack is designed for M3s and M2s, but the M5A1 is effectively the same as the M3, just a different manufacturer and mostly lend-lease). The detail pack (US-54) gives mine rails for the sides of the vehicles, cargo racks (full and empty) for the back, and other bits and pieces (tarpaulins, rolled nets, jerrycans) which can be stuck on all over to give the half tracks that lived-in look. The 5.5" guns are manned by some H&R artillery crews that I had ready painted from a previous batch.

And the big guns:

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