Saturday, 15 November 2014

And after Grant comes Sherman, of course

I wanted to get a bit off my unpainted lead pile, so I took a couple of packs of British Shermans out - GHQ UK-58, which is the Firefly, an essential for a British squadron, and also pretty handy on the battlefield with its 17pdr gun. Officially this is the Sherman VC - the C denoting the 17pdr armament. The other pack was UK-65, the Sherman M4A4 or Sherman V, with a 75mm gun. This was the version with five auto-engines bolted together, in a slightly extended hull (about six inches longer than the regular Shermans). Almost all of these went to the Allies, especially the British - the Americans didn't want it, but the British were very happy, for various reasons. This version is modeled without sand shields, so it's most appropriate for the late war. For North Western Europe I use an Olive Drab for my British vehicles - Lifecolor UA220. To be honest at this scale it does not make sense to be too picky about exact shades, especially as I give them a sepia wash anyway, which takes the colours down a bit. British tanks are a doddle, compared with the fancy German camoflage - Olive Drab from the airbrush, then tracks and the detail. I gave a couple of them aerials - fine plastic thread which I salvage from the tags which hold labels on new clothes. They are quite rigid, but no risk of piercing your fingers as with a wire version, and free of course.
First, the plain M4A4s:

And the Fireflies:

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