Friday, 28 April 2017

German support

Trying to clear the decks a little ready for the batch of purchases from Salute, I completed a couple of packs of 6mm German infantry from Baccus. These were WWG6 - Panzerschreck teams, and WWG7 - 12cm Mortars. You get half a dozen of the mortars, with three crew each, all separate castings. For the Panzershrecks you get twelve teams - each cast as a single unit on a small round base about the size of a 5p piece (but thinner). I mounted them in two ways - half of each pack on 1" square steel bases, as is my standard habit, and the other half on circular bases - coins of various types. This gives a bit more flexibility for use with other rule sets. As always I used Basetex to texture them, and then a variety of flock and other decoration to give them some landscape. These are very nice figures indeed, as with all the new Baccus WW2, and they are my core manufacturer for infantry in this period. I got some Falschirmjager at Salute, and I am looking forward to the eventual arrival of the vehicles.

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