Friday, 31 March 2017

More H&R 1980s British

After my trial with H&R moderns (well, 1980s) British before Christmas, I bought a more substantial number of infantry, and proceeded to paint them up. I bought the basic infantry pack, the heavy weapons pack and a few singles that I had not got in the first batch. When they arrived I discovered that the heavy weapons pack was made up of various numbers of the single items I had already bought - Milans, GPMG-L7 etc - no new stuff at all. In retrospect this is perhaps not surprising, but I had expected new items. This is a consequence of the fact that there are no pictures on the website, so you are buying blind.

I painted them up, rather slowly, then based them. Like my WW2 troops the plain infantry are on 1" square steel bases, 6-7 to a base. Depending on the rule set used, these may be fire teams, squads, platoons or even companies.However I put the other stuff - Command, LAWs, MAWs, SAMs, snipers and so on - on coins of various sizes. This allows me to be more flexible when playing games at a low level, with individual weapons teams, Big Men and suchlike.

Overall these have come out well, as I mentioned in the previous post the figures are as good as GHQ, well articulated and with good detail. However at present they have no opposition, and after the Featherstone weekend my thoughts are turning to Black Powder, horse and musket and Imaginations.


Infantry Squads

Infantry Squads


SAMs - Rapier on the left, Blowpipe on the right

The whole force in a Really Useful Box

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