Friday, 30 December 2016

H&R British 1980s Infantry

As with the Centurions, I bought a few of the Heroics and Ross British infantry from the 1980s because I had heard they were new and nice castings. I bought small samples of different figures, plus some support weapons. I painted them all up, but only based a few - I have ordered more, including generic infantry, so I will want to mix them up into squads. Overall I like these figures - unlike the tanks, I think these are the equals of GHQ if not better sometimes in animation, and here the ability to order them in small numbers really beats the GHQ model.

Left to Right; Carl Gustav, Nightsight, M72 LAW, Observer, Bren

Rapier Anti Aircraft Missile mount
Command Group

Milan team
81mm Mortar

Infantry with night sight
72 LAW
Carl Gustav

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