Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Life on the Ocean Wave

Browsing the web I chanced upon the TTCombat site, and their City Scenics range. Ironically, despite the name, the item that caught my eye was the Cargo Ship. This is a good-sized model, 50cm long (so a scale 25 metres, roughly), though in real terms this would be a very small vessel, a small trawler rather than an ocean-going cargo ship. Nevertheless it looks the part, with most of the length taken up with an open cargo deck, and an open fo'csl at the bow. At the stern is a two-level superstructure, with a plain cabin on the lower level, and a bridge complete with wheel and control above. I have built it so the roof and first level can be removed for access during a game. My idea is to use this for a fight between two leagues out at sea - I will probably need to adjust movement and ranges for the confined space. It will also come in handy as part of a dockside scene; a good location for a plot point in a larger table layout.


  1. That looks good.
    I have had my eyes on that kit. A good price and it would look great in my harbour.

  2. Yes, I thought it would be something unusual, with a good few different uses. They also do a bigger one - essentially the same ship, but with double the length of cargo space, and you get half a dozen shipping containers to provide a deck load.