Saturday, 21 November 2015


I renewed a magazine sub (Wargames Illustrated I think) and got a £25 Warlords voucher as an incentive bonus. I wasn't sure how to use it - I don't do a lot of 28mm apart from Pulp and Old West, and in particular I don't much like WW2 in that large scale. The contrast between the scale and the real ranges of the weapons is too great, and that's especially true when you bring on tanks and other vehicles. At this scale tanks should be fighting across the length of a couple of tennis courts, not a six foot table. Also I am unconvinced by the "reinforced platoon" concept, which seems to me just an excuse to field that Tiger alongside thirty infantry.
Anyway, browsing through the Warlords site I happened upon the "Armadillo" improvised armoured car, basically a box on the back of a flatbed truck, with a few bits of armour bolted on. It comes with a couple of British figures and a machine gun to man the fighting compartment. Although it is in the late war section on the website, this looks to me more like an improvised vehicle from the early war era, perhaps pressed into service against a feared German invasion after Dunkirk. It struck me that this would make good transport for a Pulp league, perhaps adventuring in the Back of Beyond.

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